While conducting a Google search, there are always a list of drop-down phrases related to your search. These phrases are known as search predictions. They appear everytime you begin a Google search.

How Does Google Predict What I Want to Search For?

The suggestions that Google offers all come from how people actually search. The phrases that appear in the drop-down list have been searched by countless other Google search users, or at least appear somewhere else on the Web. A special algorithm is utilized in automatically populating search predictions based on different factors. Autocomplete’s algorithm considers the spectrum of information on the web, as well as how often users have looked for a particular word or phrase.

Can Autocomplete Be Altered?

We invested hundreds of working hours to determine what causes these autosuggest problems, and how to fix them quickly and effectively. After copious amounts of experimentation, we finally launched our “Autosuggest RX” solution. It has already proven to be a very effective tool. Google’s autocomplete lists searched for terms in order of popularity. This often causes a cascade effect: everyone begins clicking on highest listed terms or phrases. As more searchers are distracted from their original searches to click these seemingly-random suggestions, the viral effect takes over. The phrases that get clicked the most then move to the head of the list.

Should I Focus on Correcting Google Autocomplete Issues?

Autocomplete is a great tool, but can also cause issues when negative and/or false statement are listed alongside positive, true statements or reviews. For example: Potential customers or associates begin Googling your name, or your company’s name. Even before they can finish typing the query, they see first: “[Your Business] is a scam.” Curiosity gets the best of us, and so they click on the negative link. Now they have a negative view of you or your company, AND their click helps make the search prediction more popular!Everyday searchers believe that these negative recommendations are what people are actually searching for, and they automatically assume what they read to indeed be fact. In actuality, this suggestion is most likely at the top due to other searchers who couldn’t resist a click, even though they were inputting something else entirely!


At Reputation-Guards.com, we take a two-pronged approach to change what Google Autocomplete suggests to searchers. Our process has been proven to change what search terms populate as a term or phrase is being entered into Google Search.


Our AutoSuggest RX program deletes negative auto suggestions and replaces them with positive ones. We help our clients select three to five positive keywords that they would like to see show up in AutoSuggest, and our technology does the rest. By utilizing social media chatter and searches across prescripted geographic areas, we are able to substantially alter the AutoSuggest list.


Our AutoSuggest RX program works in perfect tandem with our reputation management program in improving the top pages for targeted phrases and/or keywords. This allows you to take control of your online existence. Negative, defamatory blog posts and forum threads can also trigger Google Autocomplete, causing it to suggest negative search terms or phrases about you! All it takes is one upset person to input something bad or inflammatory about you or your company, and then social media runs wild with it. This causes a landslide of searches related to the title or topic of the negative blog post, and before you know it, it’s residing on the Autocomplete list. More often than not, Autocomplete phrases are caused by a single negative item that generates online attention. Eventually, desperate webmasters will use it to generate traffic. Everyone begins searching for the item and its variations, it joins the Autocomplete list, and the negativity begins!

Negative Google Autocomplete Phrases….Be Gone!

Fortunately, the professionals at Reputation-Guards.com can change Google Autocomplete terms through a combination of content publishing and proprietary technology. We use the same ideas and tech that cause negative activity in order to propagate positive activity. We create, publish, and promote positive content in order remove unwanted web pages from the top of search results. After we repair your online standing, we will begin a defensive campaign in order to keep a careful eye on your Autocomplete terms, as well as newly added material so that your positive reputation stays that way. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you change Google Autocomplete terms, contact us at 888-631-0441 for a free consultation.